Because after all the years of being degraded we've finally made it to a place we can call our own. (But success comes with hate right?)

Because I have a father, brothers, nephews, cousins, friends that are destined to be great in life.

Because I will have a son that will be brought into this world that will have to learn about all of the struggles he will have to face. 

Because we are much more than what the media portrays. Much more than what the system makes us to be.

Because the system was never meant for us to be protected. So who can protect us when the system we trust so dearly can't? Well good thing my trust isn't in this world. My trust is in GOD. The only one that can protect any of us.

Try being black for a day. Being degraded  before you even open your mouth to speak. Or followed around in a store because the minute you walked through that door you were already judged...not by your pronunciation of words. Not by your Bachelor's/Master's/Doctorate  degree. Not by your salary. Not by the car you drive. But simply by the color of your skin.

But yet we're applauded for winning championships for sporting events. So you're telling me the only thing we're good for is to play sports? Well the minute we're injured or arrested for any sort of crime. Those championships & applauses cease immediately.
If we were recognized more as a people for our hard work & dedication in school & at work (lol yes that's right we have careers. We're not dependent on welfare) then maybe..just maybe our work wouldn't go unnoticed. Maybe...just maybe the only recognition we get wouldn't be BLASTED on Fox/CNN displaying us as violent & dangerous. 

This is why black lives matter to me. 

You Can't Sit With Us

As many of you know, I can be a bit of an introvert. BUT at the same time. I feel as if traveling so much makes me keep to myself even more.

I'm not the type of person to just invite myself to lunch with others. I'm definitely okay with that. BUT I basically feel like an outcast. IN SO MANY WAYS...that I can't go into many details about. I'm not the type of person to have fake conversations with a random! That's mean/rude? I know, I call it real. But if I'm not feeling your vibe I don't want you in my company. You're just wasting valuable time I could've done something productive. 

So I'm sitting here eating dinner....alone as usual lol! Yes, I've grown to love eating alone & I love myself enough to enjoy my own company.
I'm just feeling like "You can't sit with us".
But I am so unbothered. Eating dinner alone allows me to take good blog pictures without someone side eyeing me lol!!

Friendships with Purpose

What are you bringing to the table of your friendships?

I'm finally at a place in life where I am super grateful and empowered by my circle of friends. We all uplift and motivate each other to be the best we can be. I'm SO thankful for all of them.

So my question is what are you bringing to the table?
Are you the shoulder to lean on or are you the draining friend that constantly talks about yourself?

Just like relationships, friendships always take work. So make sure that your friendships serve a purpose. It should be a two-way street, you're feeling down your friend should be there but ALSO make sure that that you are there when your friend needs you.

In my circle of friends we can go from talking about Chris Brown's drama to intellectual conversations about finances or even discuss a bible scripture we've read. All which helps us be a better person.

Be a Positive Patty. Not a Debbie Downer. 

Finding Your Passion

Recently I've had a talk with my sister & a few of my friends. We all have similar thoughts when it comes to "There has to be more in life." So I thought about my passion and what I consider my "happy" place. I think I've finally found what I'm passionate about and I've turned it into a side hustle.  But let me assure you that this DID NOT happen over night. 

It took blood long nights, sweat, and tears. Once I got my priorities in order and prayed to God about my situation I began to work harder at what I'm passionate about and now I'm reaping the blessings. 

In my conversation with my sister and close friends we discussed what's stopping us from working hard towards our passion....or simply FINDING our passion. This may just be my mindset, but I believe no one is passionate about waking up every morning going to such a draining job. 
Draining your life, your family/friends, your passion. 

First and foremost if PASSION isn't your top priority it will be hard to FIND.

If you focus on on the NEGATIVES in life instead of focusing on what YOU CAN change, you won't find it.

If your significant other isn't motivating you to find or work hard towards that PASSION you won't FIND it. 

Have you found your passion? Or is something hindering you from finding your passion?

Happy Easter/ Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Easter to everyone that reads my blog! It's a new month! Be great in everything you do =)

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