The Power of Networking

Happy Monday!

I've been kind of off & on with posting new blog topics. I've just really been enjoying life & living in the moment.

Recently I've met so many people by opportunity and just putting myself out there..which is something I don't usually do. By doing so, I've began networking with other people in multiple career fields and it has allowed me to grow as a person/career wise.

Networking is important for 3 reasons(could be more but I'll just do 3):
1. It gives people a chance to notice you/your occupation 
2. Take every opportunity as a learning opportunity
3. Allows you to connect with others in your area 

If you want to succeed at any career NETWORKING IS A MUST. That's about all I have to say.

Oh and the new Cinderella movie isn't just for children. It'll actually teach adults a lesson...
"Have Courage and Be Kind". 

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