Happy Friday! -- Staying True To Who You Are


Happy Friday yall!

Okay at first I didn't really have a post for today lol! But I feel like I've been forcing a few posts instead of just writing whatever comes to mind like I've been doing from the beginning.

It's Friday & I need to let this be known.

Maybe a year or two ago, I was on the hunt for a mentor & there was this person in the area that I really looked up to & she was inspiration for what I would like to do in the near future. Well I attempted to contact her & was completely ignored. I understand that people are busy but cmon now...everyone checks social media.

My point being -- Stay true to who you are. I know I've STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM..& I'm not there yet but as I'm working my way up to where I would like to be, I want to help others as well.
I'm never too busy or too involved to not respond to someone that looks to me as inspiration.

I have nieces and nephews that look up to me. I know that people are ALWAYS watching -- even people I don't know, so you make sure you come correct so that you are an actual role model behind close doors and in the public.


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