Being UNDERRATED In The Work Place

Okay..... this is a sensitive topic and this is my blog/my space so I don't mean to offend anyone. This is just my perspective from my experiences thus far. Also, in no way am I apologizing for the things I say, it's my truth.

Little background about me:

From a young age I've always been in Honors/Advanced classes in elementary-highschool. 
I've been a computer person since the age of 12. 
I took many college courses in high school which allowed me to earn college credits as a teenager. 
I completed college in 4 years, earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Informatics. Got hired before graduation and started my career 2 days after college graduation.

As you can see I've very knowledgable and educated. Right?

Well working in the corporate world or just work in general....has it's struggle being educated and of minority. Others view you as the media projects your culture. I understand that I look different than majority of the people in the office. It just automatically makes you underrated.

But does that stop me? No.

Being underrated has been my biggest struggle/battle of working in the corporate world. I am very passionate about my work & it has never been a competition for me. I see every opportunity to learn more, engage more, listen more. 

Being underrated has taught me that you CANNOT change a person's thoughts about you but you can definitely show them that you DO know your stuff. By working harder even you're doubted.

Being underrated has shown me that I am a stronger person because of how I react to situations. I don't, I pray about it. God has been dealing with me and it has allowed me to grow as a person and spiritually.

Being underrated has made me a well-rounded person. 

My victories and struggles have shaped me into the person I am today.

Let me just leave the stats here:

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