Bad vs Hired Resume: 10 Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing

10 Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing

Okay so I'm not intentionally throwing shade to anyone with this post...if you know better you do better.
So I was browsing Linkedin this week like I normally do....and I came upon this profile that had a resume attached. I didn't know this was even possible to do on Linkedin. I found it interesting so I clicked on the resume expecting to find an extraordinary resume. Well to my surprise, it was by far THE WORST resume I've seen from a college grad. I love to share these type of strange findings with my friends & they also couldn't believe it.

Now here we are....a post of Do's and Don'ts of Resume Writing...for entry-level (it'll probably have more don'ts than do's)
First, let me show you a recreation of the resume I stumbled upon. Yes it is a recreation because I didn't want to put the person out there like that, but NO I could not make this up. It's very similar to the one I saw on Linkedin. This entire resume is a DON'T.

1. Don't put you apartment number or even your address in some cases
2. Don't use your email address that's from 10yrs ago. If it is super immature, create a professional email address.
3. Don't put an objective. Everyone is different putting an objective or not. I would say DON'T do it. Of course the employer knows what your objective're looking for a job at their company.
4. Don't put your graduation date, that's not IMPORTANT.
5. Who cares how many highschools you went to?
6. Don't LIST all the characteristics and personal traits that you have...this can be used in an interview.
7.  Don't LIST all the similar work experience you have. Who cares that you were a cashier at 5 different places in 1 year? It just looks like you've been job hoppin' which is bad.
8. Don't LIST references. If the employer doesn't personally asks you for the references then just forget about it.
-- There's too many online resources and college classmates that are capable of proofreading or helping you create a perfect resume that will get you HIRED. That's the "objective".

This an example of a HIRED RESUME. Here you can see there's STRUCTURE. You can elaborate where needed but it is straight to the point and looks like a resume that will get the job done.

If you need help with resume writing please leave a comment or a message under the "Contact" tab. I really will respond lol!

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