20-Somethings: Our Generation/ Millennials

Let me start off with my verse of the
"I come to you for protection, O Lord
my God. Save me from my persecutors
-- rescue me!" -- Psalm 7:1
I've really been wanting to start a "series" about college advice or about my/our generation.
So here it is =) "20-somethings"
I guess the proper term would be "millennials" but I'd rather not use that term.
20-somethings sounds better lol!

We're failing ourselves...we're failing our parents/guardians. There's all these groups and such to raise up the younger generation & I love that don't get me wrong. There's many single parent homes out there.
But what about our generation?
Is it too late to change what's already
been broken? I don't think so.
What if there was like a community or workshops where we could freely express our problems or solutions to help each other physically, spiritually, mentally, financially?
As I've said before I wish that I had a mentor or someone to advise me when in college...and even now in the corporate world I have a mentor/someone to look up to that has been where I am before. It helps tremendously to have that inspiration in your life, something that is tangible. 

We're not lazy, we're very intelligent. We can create & produce things in the palm of our hands (smartphones). But because of the media, we're portrayed as selfie takin', money lovin' brats.
Is there anyone encouraging us to be entrepreneurs instead of being confined in this box of "what society says is the right way".
I deal with the unimaginable each day at work...and who do I depend on when I'm feeling beaten by the enemy?
Traveling from state to state & not having someone to just sit and talk to me can be so difficult and you honestly wouldn't know unless I open up to you. I write these blogs to relieve stress & tension in my life. Not to be the next Rob Hill Sr. or a "life coach". I actually started when Xanga! I was probably about 12-13.
I want to express my struggles and victories so that I can help someone else or show others that you can do it too. I will never be that person that has "forgotten where I came from". I am from a small town. I had never been on a plane until I was 22. I am a budget shopper. I am a hopeless romantic. I want to be the change I want to see in our generation. 
Any feedback about our generation?

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