Jet Life: Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Jet Life Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Well its a new month & it feels like its over already lol!
I can honestly say I've made it through the hard part/exhausting part, traveling for an entire month. TIFFY I MADE IT! Lol

On a more serious note, being surrounded by so many intelligent and also seasoned people is definitely so beneficial. Like to just sit & listen at times will drop so much knowledge on me. But then at times my team members decide to give a quote of the week lol! Whether they are joking or being serious I really sit & listen closely because I can use this in life & also my career.

The quote of the week was to "Maintain a positive attitude". Even when there's aren't going your way or if a situation is out of your control you must maintain a positive attitude. At the end of the day you know that you've done your best & tried your hardest. So when someone comes to you with a real nasty still smile. 
I can honestly say I've found myself just laughing at certain situations that I would usually be so easily angered by. But not anymore, I keep my head up & if someone has a nasty attitude I kill them with kindness. 
Throughout life just maintain a positive attitude, it'll leave you stressful & feeling better about certain situations that you have no control of.
How do you maintain a positive attitude?

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