Happy Black History Month!

Black History Month African American pilots

Soooo its black history month & it's time to celebrate!
In honor of black history month I would like to bring attention to the first African American female pilot, Bessie Coleman. For starters, there's not many African American pilots to begin with.... I've done my research & I can't find any recent or relevant information or even a number of African American pilots to recent date.
I find this really interesting but overall the percentage of African American pilots are about 2-3.5%. Just that alone is really interesting.
Facts like this should motivate our people to find interest in careers & hobbies that aren't popular or the norm for our race.
So if you're interested in learning something new or something that isn't well known...go out & get out of your comfort zone! You'll only learn as much as you're open to learning. Be GREAT. Not just mediocre.

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