23 Things I've Learned So Far

23 Things I've Learned So Far
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So I got this idea after reading Pilar's post 29 Things I've Learned So Far and  I've decided to do my own. I recently turned 23 in December so here's my reflection on life lessons over 23 years.

23 Things I've Learned so Far...
1. Trust God before ANYONE...including family.
2. God's plan for me on this Earth is to help others in all aspects.
3. I can't change the past.
4. Louisiana isn't meant for me to stay long term.
5. I really like dogs..even though I was scared of them for years.
6. I love flying. Even if its just to Houston on a 45min plane ride.
7. I'm not sure how to love others unconditionally outside of my family.
8.I have a passion for creating logo designs. It's definitely a gift & I can create
a flawless logo without much thought put into it.
9. I tend to overthink alot so most of my decisions are spur of the moment to prevent from over thinking.
10. Even when people doubted me I remained humble & thank God for my success.
11. I value friendships so I only have 2 friends.
12. My sister is my best friend.
13. I've looked up to her since I was 7.
14. Some of the natural hair community/society/clan is CRAY CRAY.
15. I love being productive.
16. I love,love...and love hard.
17. A person can fall in love in just 6 months.
18. I love my Parish/town!
19. Winter is my favorite season.
20. I was made to think like an entrepreneur.
21. I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE red wine.
22. I've learned alot in just 23years and I've had to mature really fast after highschool.
23. I LOVE adrenaline rushes.

What have you learned so far?


  1. That's great my post gave you inspiration to write a list of your own! Thanks for mentioning me in your post! I loved reading this and I'm a December baby too! I turned 29 on Christmas!

    1. Ayeee! Shoutout to the December babies! Thanks!