Life As A Consultant || Vlog 3

Business travel during the week can be exhausting so when I'm home on the weekends I love spending time with family & friends. Check out my vlog!

Life As A Consultant || Vlog 2

Check out my 2nd vlog!

National Car Rental, By Far The Best

Let me tell yall about my love for National Car rental.
I've rented from this company for both business & personal travel. 
And I give them 5stars in EVERY category. From the customer service the minute you step foot on their property to the clean, well kept cars.
The employees really make me feel at home each & every time I rent from them.

Now let's talk about the cars, the car selection is definitely TOP OF THE LINE. I believe they receive all newer model cars. I've had the chance to drive cars like Camaros to Buicks. 

In particular, I'd like to talk about the 2015 Mustang I had the chance to drive! Great car selections at every location I've been to. Next time you're deciding to rent a car definitely choose National Car Rental.
Here's a few pictures:
*I'm not affiliated with National Car rental. These are my personal opinions =)

Restoration Hardware: Love At First Sight

So I took a random trip to the mall. And omgggggg.
I stepped into Restoration Hardware & it was love at first sight. 

Here's a few photos I took at the mall...more to come! =)

5 Reasons You Should Have A Linkedin Account


5 Reasons You Should Have a Linkedin Account

1. Stay Connected: Being up-to-date with the latest social media trends is very important in this day in age. 

2. Promote yourself: Connect with others in your field or a career field that you may be interested in going towards. By promoting yourself it will allow you to display your Linkedin account as a "public resume".

3. Opens doors: Those connections in the same field as you will create new opportunities and give you an idea of a career path you may be interested in.

4. NETWORK: This is the most important of them all. It is SUPER important to NETWORK. I know in my city there's not many networking events & if there are it's not particularly in my field. So Linkedin gives me a chance to network with people in my career field. 

5. You have a instagram, twitter, facebook, vine, & every other social media account 
WHY NOT LINKEDIN? But you're wondering why you are not progressing in your field or stuck down a dead end road with your job search. 
Linkedin is like the professional version of Facebook. 
So create an account today! 
Not sure where to start with your Linkedin profile...leave your email below & I'll help =)

Life As A Consultant || YouTube

For my love of YouTube and my blog! I decided to begin vlogging a few moments of how I get my week started. Check it out & let me know what you think =)

Monday Travel: Simple Things In Life #IDGT

2:25AM -- Up & ready to start my day! I went to sleep super early & felt so refreshed this morning. That hasn't happened in a long time. The only that I committed to at the beginning of this year was smiling more. Well this morning started off GREAT. Made it to the airport early, no delayed planes & genuinely nice airport workers!

So I'm all smiles! And this airport employee randomly says to me "I don't get tired". Lol!! I couldn't help but to die in laughter. He offered me a ride to my gate but I love power walking to the gate with all the other business travelers, so I turned it down. And he says "you know why you love walking?"
I replied "Cuz I don't get tired" =).


I'll continue with my positive energy & not allow anyone's nasty attitude or negative energy control my emotions.


What Will You Be Known For?

I'm constantly thinking how I can be more successful each day and the quote above immediately comes to my head. If the STRUGGLE wasn't real...then everyone would be successful right? 
I want to be known for being great & just completely putting all of my effort towards my work and succeeding at it. I would like for my blog to take me to new levels and opportunities. 
This year I would love to mentor teens in my community. 

I want to be the change that I want to see in my community.  

3 Work Outfit Ideas: Office Wear LookBook

Jet Life: Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Jet Life Maintaining A Positive Attitude

Well its a new month & it feels like its over already lol!
I can honestly say I've made it through the hard part/exhausting part, traveling for an entire month. TIFFY I MADE IT! Lol

23 Things I've Learned So Far

23 Things I've Learned So Far
Image source: Pinterest

So I got this idea after reading Pilar's post 29 Things I've Learned So Far and  I've decided to do my own. I recently turned 23 in December so here's my reflection on life lessons over 23 years.

4 Tips On Taking Your Career to Next Level

Lol! No but really. I know I haven't
been consistent with my blogging lately.
I've been real focused on work and
just balancing life and work.

So you want to take your career to the 
next level?
Whether it be a promotion or finding
a new job.

Happy Black History Month!

Black History Month African American pilots

Soooo its black history month & it's time to celebrate!
In honor of black history month I would like to bring attention to the first African American female pilot, Bessie Coleman. For starters, there's not many African American pilots to begin with.... I've done my research & I can't find any recent or relevant information or even a number of African American pilots to recent date.
I find this really interesting but overall the percentage of African American pilots are about 2-3.5%. Just that alone is really interesting.
Facts like this should motivate our people to find interest in careers & hobbies that aren't popular or the norm for our race.
So if you're interested in learning something new or something that isn't well known...go out & get out of your comfort zone! You'll only learn as much as you're open to learning. Be GREAT. Not just mediocre.

New Month. New Opportunities.

I've been MIA for a few days & I can honestly share that I kind of lost motivation for posting blog posts.
Then I remember that I didn't create this blog to become famous or anything like that...simply just to relieve stress. My blog is the best stress reliever for me & I love sharing my adventures. 
I've been working on something BIG. But for now I won't share it until its 100% official. 
I am super motivated in my career right now...surprisingly but I'm definitely learning so much. I have my goals set & I also have things I need to do to reach those goals. So for now I'll keep pressing forward & just living for the moment, not for tomorrow.