WORK ....and Social Media?

It is great to be passionate about your work yet also living life to the fullest by creating a perfect work/life balance. Then we throw in social media...and it tends to get messy.

At work it is important to stay involved with other coworkers and be attentive.
Spending 8-10hrs a day at work can be exhausting but being productive/unproductive can result in getting that promotion or not.

Social Media & Work
When I see these two subjects side by side it just doesn't flow.
Like bananas and snickers or sushi and pizza or iPhone and android.
It just doesn't go together right?
Social media and work are two completely different categories and should never be mixed.  

Millennials -- Any one born from 1980s-2000s
We tend to post/tweet/video everything we see or hear in public. I mean of course it's great if you witness a WorldStarHipHop moment lol! But tweeting/instagramming(is that a word?) at work can be a bit risky. With technology being at the palm of our hands it's very easy to get caught up into the social media "frenzy". But are you willing to sacrifice that career you've been searching for, for social networks?

If you are searching for your career or currently working I would suggest monitoring EVERYTHING you post on social media. As easy as it is for Nev & Mac to find CATFISH-ers, that's how easy it is for an employer to find you & your posts on social networks.

So ask yourself, are you well represented by ALL the things you post on social networks? 

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