Transitioning From College To Career As many of you may or may not know, I am a business consultant for a Fortune 500 company. Transitioning from college to my actual job career has been...a challenge. But it's worth while & I can share my experience with others!

Job vs Career. (Just my personal perspective)
A job is an employment that is temporary. A job is something that you don't plan on doing for the rest of your life. And I would also go as far as saying that it's a hourly position.

A career is what you plan on doing long term. It is usually something you're passionate about (sometimes this is the case || you may hate it) A career is a place you network with others in your field to get to higher positions or to learn more about the field. In most cases you are paid an annual salary.

Choosing a career: Like most degrees, there are multiple things that you can do with it. You may or may not know exactly what you are  passionate about. Therefore I would suggest exploring your options. I applied to multiple places 6 months before graduating college which gave me choices when receiving job offers. 

Moving: For me moving wasn't a big deal or big step. I moved about 2 hours away from my old college apartment & even closer to my hometown(never imagined that would happen).

Networking: MOST IMPORTANT. Networking is the key to getting to where you would like to be. Using Linkedin is the easiest way to communicate with others in the same field as you. You are able to share your experiences and also gain insight on what others are doing in a similar field or where you would like to be in the future.

Travel: If someone told me I would be flying from the South to the West coast immediately after college.... I would've panicked. For my first project as a consultant, I was able to travel to California for 6 months and it was also my FIRST time flying on a plane lol! Each trip got easier and by the end of the project I was addicted to skymiles!
Just being open to new adventures & opportunities will take you SO far.

We live in a society where most people are stuck in their position/situation because they fear taking chances. Trust in God & take that step with faith & courage. As a woman, society expects us to be secretaries, nurses, maids but there is nothing wrong with being a basketball player, consultant, doctor. There's MoreThanJustAPrettyFace to women. Whatever you are passionate about or just would like to experience,

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