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When surviving is your only option in a situation...what else is there to do? Survive.
If someone came to me before college graduation & told me I would be waking at 4AM to go to work in a different a different time zone. I would've freaked & most likely looked at them like "Girl Bye!"
Looking back on last year compared to the person I am today.... I've become pretty darn strong! Being thrown onto a plane & told to go to work in another state with none of your peers. I've got bills to pay & goals to accomplish! So my only option is to Survive
Yeah its tough. But so what? 
So if you think you're in a tough situation in life just keep pushing because your only option is to survive. Survive today & don't worry about tomorrow. 

I watched this Youtube video yesterday of Erica Fae(one of my favorite youtubers) and it made me so emotional. She's so strong even though she has a condition (lyme disease) that doesn't allow her to do the everyday task we take for simply taking a walk in a park or do for yourself like brushing your hair. And what does she do in her situation? Survive. It's her only option.
I feel really connected to her story being that I was blessed enough with the strength to help someone out in a similar situation that happened before I moved out of my college apartment. 

Quick story: It was my move out day & I was moving out most of my things alone. My neighbor above me was panicking when I was on my way out so I asked her if everything was okay. She explained to me that her daughter had lyme disease & she needed to take her to the ER ASAP. So she asked if I could help her carry her down the I just immediately felt drawn to assess the situation. I went upstairs & saw a fragile body laying there in the bedroom. I picked her up & carried her downstairs. And the mother was super thankful & told me God will bless me for such a courageous act. 
No matter how tough you think your situation is...just survive. Because its your only option.


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