This week has been very eventful, from being stuck in an airport for 6 hours to scraping snow off of my rental with my bare hands lol!
I've been feeling a little out of socket(not sure if that's the right phrase). Like I don't belong in this...
line of work? I'd rather be surrounded by people that I actually have things in common with, not pretenders that don't want to hear your opinion because you're 30 years younger.

So when I get overwhelmed by work or traveling on the project I just take a bathroom break...
The bathroom is kind of my venting/hideout spot lol! I can just take a breather & come back to my laptop & get back to work with a better state of mind.
I should just make the best of my situation right? That's easier said than done.
I thank God for the
opportunity and for preparing me for something bigger. I just need to be patient....How can you be patient in awkward positions?....
Let me tell you! Just because I share pictures on social media does not mean that traveling is the most EXTRAVAGANT, LUXURIOUS, GREATEST thing in the world.
It's LONELY. Very lonely. I have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms alone.'s a strange
thing to be in a hotel room by yourself with no family or friends around.
BUT I suck it up, put on my soundscapes & just lay there until I fall asleep.

Also, I would make this topic into an entire blog post. But I'll keep it simple. I keep praying for strength..thinking like one day I'll wake up with this SUPERWOMAN power lol! But then it came to me....God is my strength and that's all I really need.

And I just have to give all of my problems & worries to Him to remain calm & joyful despite the hard times or situations I may face.....or rude people that are incompetent to say the least.


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