Monday Mayhem: Girl||Woman Boy||Man

5:35AM--My mom called 10 minutes before my alarm went off lol! And when I'm waken up before my alarm I'm so grumpy. But I'm thankful for her being concerned about me getting to the airport on time lol! It's so weird traveling on a I literally had to power walk in both airports to get to the gate on time & so did all the other business travelers. I haven't eaten breakfast but I will definitely make it a point to grab something before going into the office!

So I'm reading Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey on my flights & a random thought pops in my head as I'm reading:
If you meet a man & he needs help growing up or maturing as far as having to be told to get a haircut, to be told to not drink straight from the milk carton, to be told to get off of PS4, to be told to find a career NOT A JOB(know the difference)...he's not the man for you. Sounds like common sense right? Common sense isn't so common. Unless you're into dating boys and are okay with raising a 20something year old boy. If he still has a childish mindset as far as twitter/instagram/facebook is more important than networking on Linkedin or updating his resume or preparing for a career fair or making God his number one priority & expects you to play "mom" to him.... Don't be surprised if y'all  break up or y'all  are always having problems because you're dating a BOY not a man. My time is valuable & I really don't have time to raise a boy when I don't even have children! Like if you're a girl with a childish you think that'll draw in a grown man? So if you're a woman with a lady-like,business mindset why waste your time with a little boy? No bueno. I don't have time to spend in a relationship raising a boy, that was his family's job not mine.  I don't care if society says that girls mature faster than boys. It comes a time in life when you just have to grow up, make decisions, and fulfill God's purpose for your life because there's no other choice.

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