LATE NIGHT Contemplation

I didn't think this blogging thing would turn into a hobby for me! But to think back on my past blogging experiences I loved Xanga when it existed...if it still exists lol.

Blogging is like a stress reliever. I can be an example to others by sharing my experiences or simply planting a seed into someone's life without knowing it. With that being said... I created this blog to write about my career journey in the corporate world thus far and also because I just love putting my thoughts out there for others to read. Technology & the internet are such powerful tools that can be used for good or bad and I intend to reach different audiences on these platforms.

I don't want to be the next Rob Hill Sr. providing "motivational quotes" that can be found on Tumblr(no shade lol!). I would like to just be known for being myself, Tiffany K. and while I'm at it I hope to display my work & lifestyle as an accomplishment that can be reached for any small town girl/woman with dreams and goals set. Don't allow your environment to define you. God speaks life into you & you have to be humble & willing to accept the things that you can't change. God's plan isn't always your plan.

Currently listening to accoustic covers & typing this from the bathroom lol! Wet hair and all! #AuNaturale                      

Blogging from the bathroom

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