JetLife: Finding Your INNER BEYONCE

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This is the beginning of my new series "Jet Life", simply random thoughts that pop into my head while traveling.
In just 8 months of consulting, I've learned years worth of knowledge and also more about myself. If you know me personally you know that I'm super observant and only speak when spoken to.. I've been this way since I was little it may come off as shy but I like to observe a situation before I give my input. Only a fool like blurt out without listening. I'll be completely honest at times in certain situations outside of work I tend to speak before really listening.... I realize that & now I'm working on fixing it. 

But the entire purpose of this post is to FIND YOUR VOICE(INNER BEYONCE)listen at work first...if you're new to the job just listen to responses from your coworkers then when you know enough about how everyone works be confident in your responses or discussions.
It took me 8 months to really find my voice at work. I would give my input when asked or ask questions but I wouldn't speak confident in my word choices. Being that I've been tech savvy at a really young age I can easily pick up on things if I'm just shown  once.
This week I realized that I actually know way more than I was giving myself credit for. All it took was my team lead being confident in me, speaking highly of me & also trusting that I know my stuff!. Positive words can really speak life into someone, it's that simple.
So find your voice by simply staying motivated & if you know your stuff STRUT it. You won't step on anyone's toes. They'll actually be impressed. This applies to any job...stay at home moms,doctors,college students... Anything you do in life don't settle for being good be GREAT. 

What would Beyonce do? Lol! 

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