It's really been a long time coming with my friendships from high school until now. I've prayed for quite a few months just asking God to take away people that were bad for me & didn't belong in my life & also keep the people that were supporting me & less stressful. .....And did he do it. God took away multiple people & also rekindled old friendships! I couldn't be any happier! This weekend after a long work week in a very snowy place, I was able to meet up with two friends that I haven't seen in years. It was amazing! We talked & laughed for hours & just enjoyed life.....I couldn't ask for more! They've grown into beautiful,poised women & also great wives!

First I met up with my childhood friend that I've known since I was 4/5yrs old(who's counting? lol) & it was like we were little school girls all over again! I remember passing  letters back & forth about our day, crushes, or absolutely nothing lol! I believe I may still have a few of those letters at my parents house. We're all grown up now & it's definitely weird to discuss actual adult things now lol!(Career, marriage, continuing education)

Best Friends for life Kindergarten School Elementary

My other childhood friend..we went to school(for one year lol!) & church together & didn't keep in touch much in high school. Last night was a great time & I can't believe she's getting married! Congrats!
She also has a blog called CurlyScribe & I believe that definitely just makes as click even more. My favorite post of her's How To Make It in Corporate America
Check it out! She's also my #1 blog supporter lol! You the real MVP!
(We forgot to take a picture last night)


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