Airport Chronicles

I was OH SO super excited about traveling for business to start off the new year. Then life happened.

Last night the airline app notified me that the flight was delayed........which makes no sense to me because my flight was for 8AM so how can they know the flight will be delayed the night before?

6AM -- I woke up super excited  ready to get my day started and ready to fly! Then life happened.
I was notified that there were no flights going to my destination at my local airport.


So after 1 flight & 3 I a random airport(I'm sitting next to the window so I'm enjoying watching the snow fall lol!)

I appreciate the moments I have to myself, to be able to just reflect on life & enjoy each opportunity God has blessed me with.

I pray that I can get to my destination before tomorrow though. SIGH....

Oh & I've been at the airport since 2PM. And my flight is delayed until 8PM. Gotta love consulting. =)

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