winter edition 5 packing tips for business travel

It's about that time! When I first began traveling for business, I was really clueless on what to pack. Carry on or check in a bag? TSA approved....TSwhat? Yes, I was lost but now I'm FOUND =)
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Well here's 5 packing tips for business traveling:

1. Pack all necessities

Essentials for business travel--Headphones are a MUST in the mist of all the airport craziness.
--A tablet or book to read and past time if there are any flight delays.
--BACK UP CHARGER...with a BACK UP external charger. Lol! You never know when your phone may die!
--And of course hand sanitizer it's flu season!

Carry on for business travel2. Only bring a carry on suitcase

 -- Checking in a bag is too much of a hassle during business travel.
-- Carry on bags all the way!

3. Pack mostly neutral color/basic type clothing

Shoes for business travel--Also a cute option just in case there's a fancy dinner you're invited to =)


4. Download hotel/airline/dinner apps

--I love flying Delta over anything else!
Oh hello skymiles!

5. Bring a great read/e-book

-- My newest book of 2015!
Pink Lips and Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey
I'm really excited to start reading it.
Another great book is Gentlewoman by Enitan O. Bereola.

Just a lil FUN while packing lol! (Yes I am packing with heels on. I love walking around my place with heels)
Song --  Beyonce 7/11 (GitChii Remix)


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