Ending 2015 with a BANG!

This year has been a year of greatness. Truly a year to remember. Well in 2016, I declare that as my "Glo Up Year" lol!

I've previously announced our little cupcake is on the way next year. 
Well I have another announcement. 
We're engaged!! 
Yep that's right

This year couldn't have ended in a better way & I just thank God for everything he's blessed me with. I prayed endlessly and he granted me with all he thought I deserved or was prepared for.
So watch as we go on this journey of success, it only gets better from here.

*Yes I made alot of references to DJ Khaled quotes lol! It's only right.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday(well actually a few days ago) I celebrated my 24th birthday & it was great! 
This entire Christmas break was great! 
The day started off, breakfast with bae and it ended at dinner with family.
I just felt so much love and support from my family this season. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Q decided to have a spur of the moment photoshoot. So I went with it, of course I wouldn't turn down a photoshoot lol!

Here's pictures:

My "what are you doing crazy" face lol! 

Happy New Year!

Diaper Bag Hunt.

Recently, I've been on the hunt for the "perfect diaper bag" and I'm honestly convinced that it doesn't exist.
If I find a bag that I love, I hate the price tag. If I find a bag that is affordable, the style of the bag is horrible.

Can I get a happy medium?!

I'm looking for a bag, that is similar to a purse yet has compartments and bottle storage. Is that too much to ask for?

I googled "Trendy Diaper Bags" thinking I would find reviews on reasonable bags but instead found bags that were brand name like Tory Burch, MK, Gucci, etc that I cannot afford and will not buy.

Then I searched for reviews on diaper bags and found a ton of reviews on this bag called "Ju-Ju Be"..... to be honest, it reminds me of the Sanrio collection that includes Hello Kitty & characters.
That may be cute to some people but it was not appealing at all to me.

I'm a simplistic, practical, contemporary type of person. I love the simple designs of a bag and also a print/style that can match any outfit or stroller set.

Is that too much to ask for?

A Year Ago.

Here's what I blogged about a year ago today:

"I'm not the girl that depends on a man for everything. Or that stays with him just being its the only thing I know. I'm not the girl that switches boyfriends by every season for no reason. Or that stays with him for 10 years with no ring. I'm not the girl that waits to make a move for someone else's approval. I'm not the girl that struggles that making decisions on her own. Or that feels help less without a guy on her side.

I'm the woman who gets on her knees to pray before making decisions. I'm the woman that listens to God when he tells me to remove certain people in my life so he can open doors for me. I'm the woman that God is preparing for that man of God so I can be his virtuous woman. I am a woman of God." 

I can honestly say that I've lived up to this blog post and didn't give in until I got what I deserved. 
"Got what I deserved", sounds so cliche right. But I truly believe that I am worth more and shouldn't receive anything less. My dad always taught me to Respect Myself. It's that simple. 

A year ago, I was in an awkward place, really being more familiar with myself and just doing a lot of self evaluation. In this time I began to eliminate a lot of negative vibes and negative people in my life. In just a short 12 months, I've changed for the better and God has truly blessed me.

So to whomever is reading this right now, I encourage you to stay encouraged and motivated because in a matter of seconds, hours, months, or years God can bless you with your break through. All of your trials and being "stuck in the wilderness" will finally be worth it all.  

DIY: Gold Polka Dots Nursery Wall

Happy Monday!

We've been working endlessly on the baby nursery, we aren't quite finished (mainly because we just started lol!)

I had a few wall inspirations from Pinterest to do a gold stripe wall or something creative. I decided on doing a Gold Polka Dot wall which can be changed very easily without having to repaint the wall. 
I also love the simplicity of the look, I'm all about a simple, modern style.

Here's what I used to create the look:
-180 2x2 Gold Polka Dots -- Amazon
-Tape Measure -- Walmart

I didn't have a plan nor did I sketch out the look before starting. I just went for it & it came out perfectly lol!
I received 180 Gold Polka Dots from the company and I used 90 dots which is 1 sheet.
I measured how far apart the dots were (8x20in).

Finished Look:

I'm done adulting for 2015.

Can I just start adulting again next year? I feel like I'm running on empty with all the meetings, parties, events, stuff.
I'm done adulting for the year. I'd rather just spend the last few weeks in my pjs preparing for 2016.
That sounds ideal right =)

It seems like everyone is just trying to make it to that first day of vacation.
All these "new meetings" scheduled at the end of the year and holiday parties to attend. 

Yep, I've decided I'm done adulting for 2015. 

Catch me again next year. 

This thing called life.

After being featured on the website Career Contessa, I honestly felt myself starting to write blog
posts less and less. I saw the views on my blog grow each day and I felt less motivated to write.
I felt that I would say the wrong thing and offend someone or not write "good content". 
But lately, I've been feeling like a piece of me is missing. I've realized that I haven't dedicated time to do what I'm passionate about, blogging. 
It's my outlet, it's my venting session, it's my drink after a long day. It makes me happy.

It's easy to say "Well don't worry what others think". Well I do care and this blog is a representation of me.
Back to my normal filters =)

Savannah Grace

I keep writing this blog post but for some reason it keeps getting deleted lol!

As I sit & reflect on 2015, the accomplishments and unexpected turns, I can't help but to rejoice and thank God for all of his blessings.

Our little bundle of joy will be here in 2016! #AwaitingSavannah

So of course new content & a new outlook will follow in 2016 as we embark on this new journey with Savannah.

Tips To Purchasing A Home at 20something

I'm pretty sure my friends and I aren't the only ones  that wonder "how come we didn't learn this in school", when it comes to filing taxes, choosing insurance or purchasing a home.
Well over the past 18 months, I've been renting a "luxury style apartment" which is really code for
"this apartment is really expensive for no reason and cheaply made".

I've always been interested in purchasing a home but 1. Didn't know where to begin 2. Didn't know if I could afford it. Well the reality of it is....I'm paying for this "luxury style apartment" so I most definitely can afford it. Renting an apartment or renting a house is great and all but it's a temporary fix and also shouldn't leave you broke.

Home Ownerships Vs Renting/Leasing

At the end of your lease agreement, what have you gained from renting an apartment? Renting an apartment is a great start at 20something, but what's next? Are you able to save while paying rent + utilities?
Owning a home, well that pretty much sums up my point right there. "OWNING a home".
Being a home owner has so many perks such as OWNING a property, freedom to renovate, and also a REAL place to call home =)

I've lived in only 2 apartments in my lifetime as a 20something but I can say the most rewarding moment is to be able to say I'm officially a HOMEOWNER.
Now I can decorate and go crazy with paint and not have to worry about damaging someone else's property.

Here's 5 Tips to Purchasing a Home at 20something
1. Savings
Make sure you have a Savings account with more than $500 of course lol!
I started a savings in college, I didn't know what I was saving for but in the long run it helped with
all the expected and unexpected fees during the house process.

2. Credit Check
Do you know your credit score? If not, you can easily find out online. But it's
important to at least have an idea of what you credit score may be.

3. Be Realistic
When looking at homes you should have a range and a budget, house price ranges and
a budget for a mortgage. Everyone wants those big, "luxury" homes but those houses come with a pricey tag. So be realistic and also give yourself "wiggle room" for the unexpected.

4. Income 
Can you afford a brand new home/older home and is your income stable? Having a stable job is TOP PRIORITY when purchasing a home, without an income how can you pay off a mortgage?

5. Realtors/Mortgage Company
Make sure that you have a team of realtors/loan officer you can TRUST and
your wants/needs are GUARANTEED. If you're new to the process of purchasing a home like I am/was you'll need someone to help guide and explain what certain documents are or what programs you may

There's different programs out there for first-time home-buyers and the end result is really rewarding.

Shoutout to my boyfriend, sister, and brotherinlaw for being AWESOME =)
If you are in the Louisiana area and looking for a home mortgage contact

Who's watching you?

I feel really inspired by so many influential people in my life and in the public eye.

When someone looks to me as inspiration it catches me by surprise lol!
But that's my purpose. For me to inspire and empower other women that can relate to me.

If someone would've told me a few years ago where I would be today..... I really wouldn't have believed them.
But here I am, pursing my career and inspiring others through my lifestyle =)

I'm a firm believer that if you hard work you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So tonight I'm sitting here asking myself..who's watching me?
There's a multitude of people...varying from my little nieces and nephews to complete strangers. 
Over the past few months I've gotten emails and phone calls with questions of how did I get here? What did I do to get here at such a young age?

In short, the answer is simple. I put all my trust in God & allowed him to direct my path.

Which in return blessed me with insight to share with others =)

Who's watching you make an impact?

Happy October!

It's a new month!

Be great. Live fabulously! And enjoy life! 

A lot of things have changed over a course of a few months and I'm excited for what's yet to come!

I remember when I started my very first blog on Xanga lol! I'm not sure if that still exists but that's where it all began.

So before blogs were actually a thing I began writing about my day and my friends, I mean what more do you have to worry about as a child.

I think when holiday season comes around I get so easily distracted with all the events and crafts to do. It's important to remember what matters most. For me that's being surrounded by my family and friends.

Life Divided By Life.

Lol! My brother says this all the time "Life divided by life". I'm not exactly sure what it means.

But at this moment I think it describes how I feel perfectly.

First let me start off by saying you never know what someone is going through. So before throwing all of your opinions and life worries at someone, take a minute to just ask them how their day is going.

So I'll continue living my life the way I choose and doing whatever makes me happy.  =)

The end.

"Do I really need a college degree?"

college degree

Recently I randomly read this article titled "A woman selling her college degree".

I really thought it was a joke. Like there's no way someone is selling their degree. So it sparked a thought, "Is a college degree really necessary?"

My answer to that question is simple, Yes. I understand that student loans sort of sets grads back by placing us in debt for the next 20-30yrs. But the payoff, experience, and rewards are well worth it.

Here's the perks to having a college degree:
• You'll experience 4yrs of getting to know strangers, becoming a well-rounded individual, finding out your strengths & weaknesses 
• You'll graduate & have many opportunities to choose from (with the proper job search before graduation or grad school)
• You'll transition into a job setting easily because of your prior college experience/internship

Not having a college degree:
• Well to put this in simple terms, you'll struggle finding a job that will pay salary-based including benefits such as insurance, paid vacation, and retirement 
• Networking & having "people in the right places" will mean more than anything. Your connections will be the only way you're able to succeed without a college degree
• Most job requirements ask for atleast a Bachelor's degree (so that automatically eliminates you from being selected)

I'm a firm believer that we should never stop learning. Continuing education allows us to expand our mind and knowledge which is always a good thing.

Life = A Hot Mess

Lately I've been starting off most of my blog posts with "life happened and I've just been busy" lol! Well it is true but I've kind of been neglecting my blog.

To say the least I'd say that my life is pretty much a mess right now. There's no sugar coating on that.
Of course I am still thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with. I'm just in a point in my life where I have important decisions to make and it's not that easy.

So I hope to continue bringing inspiration to my blog for everyone that enjoys reading it =)

But definitely bare with me lol!

Balancing Work|Life|Friends|Relationships|etc

Hi guys! So I haven't been traveling as much as before for work. It's sort of bittersweet but definitely gives me a chance to catch up on everything I've been missing for 6 months or so.

Balancing work with the rest of life events. How do you do it? (Shoutout to all the moms! Yall the real MVPs!)

It's definitely not the easiest thing ever when you're more so career driven than anything else in life. *PAUSE* I'm more so God-driven than anything else.

But at some point you have to take a step back and see if the balance is too top heavy.

In doing so, I think I have a perfect blend of it all at the moment. I love to spend my time equally with family/friends. Yes I love the challenges at work because it keeps me on my toes. But also keeping God at the top because without Him, I'm a complete mess.

In the midst of it all, remember what's important and prioritize what you should focus your time on.
Take a quick weekend trip to the beach. Don't allow work or school to overwhelm you or keep you too busy to take time for yourself.

Remember your purpose. 


He makes me smile.
He makes me laugh.
He makes me happy.
He shows me life in a different perspective. 
He makes me appreciate the small things.
He's goofy and so am I.
He prays with me.
He's exactly what I prayed for.
He bikes with me.
He tells me when I'm wrong but also admits when I'm right.
He shares with me.
He motivates me.
He's patient with me.

I must say God has really blessed me with him.

The journey is the reward.

What Time Is The Right Time? -- Guide To Life After College

School is starting up soon and you may or may not have a plan for after college graduation.
Will you go to grad school? Begin your career? Take a break & just go with the flow of things? Apply for jobs before or after graduation?

It can definitely be overwhelming but with a plan you will succeed.

So what time is the right time to begin applying for jobs? There's no real correct answer it really just depends on your intentions and if you would like to apply to a small/large corporation and also if you would like options.

I would say to begin applying for jobs at least 6 months before graduation.

Why? Well if it is a large corporation, they will most likely have TONS--THOUSANDS of resumes/applications to review. So allow enough time for the application and hiring process.

Let's say if you graduate in the month of May. You should most likely begin researching and applying by December/January.

Researching Process --When researching different companies make sure that the company offers things that can benefit you like paid vacation, continuing education, workshops, training.

Because I mean at the end of the day you'll spend the majority of your time at work every week. 

Applying Process -- Make sure that you give yourself OPTIONS. So that when you do get a job offer you may have the upper hand to negotiate a better offer or also weigh your options.
One company may have unpaid vacations while the other company may offer 10 paid vacations.


Happy Monday loves! 
So as the summer comes to an end...and summer goals have been accomplished. 
I know that I have visions that I would LOVE to see in play. 
Like there's my vision for my blog and also my personal brand and my career.

Lately, I've been having a hard time staying motivated and focused on these visions. 
I also noticed certain people shining a negative light into my vision. 
This can really be discouraging and just ultimately make you feel as if 
your vision is unreachable. Like you're crazy for even imagining such visions. 
These ___ is WISHY WASHY.


So I had to take a step back and reevaluate my purpose of each vision.
Actually writing this down on paper helped with revisiting my purpose and gaining back motivation. 

Monday's Motivation 
Realize your purpose. Focus on your vision 
and don't let anyone steer you away from it.

Monday Blues.

How do you begin a new week?

Of course you can complain about your long weekend being over... But now it's a new week and you need some motivation right?

New week = new opportunities. 

I've been trying to keep track of all of my "2015 blessings" and when I'm in need of some motivation I look at that list to see all I've accomplished thus far.

Even the little things like "met a consultant on the plane & exchanged business cards" or "gained an awesome mentor".

It encourages me to strive for greater. 

So what are your "2015 Blessings" that you've accomplished this year?

“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.” – Marva Collins"

5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer

                     (Let's see if I can get back into the swing of the "blogging everyday" thing.)

Here's 5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer:

1. Find a Hobby: Get out there in your town/city and explore!
Google is everyone's best friend lol! Search for activities to do after work
Biking, tennis, new spot for happy hour. 

2. Get certified: You've mastered a skill -- now what?
Whether it's a certification for work/school/new interest/CPR
Find a way to get certified which will boost that resume
Who doesn't want that right?

3. Book a trip: After summer trip sounds GREAT
Get that early bird price on tickets by planning ahead. By doing so 
you'll save money and also will be able to do your research on the location/hotel

4. Visit family: If you're living away from your hometown or family
Why not take a quick weekend trip to your family?
I don't know about you but my family keeps me grounded. 
So take the time out to just spend quality time with them. 

5. Do that "thing" you've been putting off
I've heard so many people say this summer
"I wanted to take my GRE/GMAT this year but..."
"I wanted to start a blog but...."
"I wanted to start this...but..."
We all do it & I'm also guilty of it.
But there's no better time than now. 
So just take a small step towards that goal you want to achieve.

I Am A Product of My Environment

                    Photo Source: Career Contessa

I know "product of my environment" is sort of a cliche. But let's be real... If it wasn't for that environment I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So yes I can proudly say I am a product of my environment. Reason being that it shaped and mold me into the woman I've become. All of the positives and negatives. 

Being from a small town & only being accustomed to career fields such as "plant jobs" or nursing it kind of limits the mind. I have dreams of exceeding that mindset, of being greater than the people that paved the way before me.

That "simple mindset" is the environment I'm referring to. It's okay to step out of your comfort zone and to take risks. If you fail so what at least can say that you tried. If you succeed even better now you have the courage to be greater.

Allow your environment to become your story/testimony. So when you look back you can say that "A few years ago I was here....but now look how far God has brought me"

Embrace your environment. 

Big Announcement!

Photo Credit: Kristen Soileau


So I've been featured on a popular career blog/website Career Contessa
I am sooooo humbly honored & just so excited. I had a great experience working with their team & also the amazing Kristen Soileau during my photoshoot and interview process!
That is all.

Check it out HERE --> Career Contessa Feature

Defying The Odds

"I had someone tell me I fell off, oooooo I needed that!"

I know I haven't been consistent with blogging lol! BLAH. I can't make any excuses besides the fact that I just didn't feel like it. 

So here I am back with yet another awesome blog post =)

As many of you may or may not know....I am just a small town kid whose parents provided all of life necessities and occasionally attempted to spoil me with extra gifts. With that being said, I learned very quickly that we weren't the richest but a family's love means so much more.

Fast forward to currently, I would like to say that I am doing pretty well for myself at 23. I still have the same struggles as everyone else. Behind this smile there's a testimony/story to tell. 

I'd like to demonstrate to others that can relate to me....that you can do it too. Beat the statistics and continue to push forward to grow into a better person each day. So that when you are doubted by coworkers/family/friends your work will speak for itself without having to explain anything. 

Greatness needs no explanation. 

God has brought me too far to allow "the odds" play against me. So I take each day as it comes and I live it to the fullest. 

SHOUTOUT to my church fam and all the encouraging words that they shared tonight! =)

Quick Summer LookBook -- Office Edition

Hi! Here's a quick look into my Summer Office Wear. I basically dress up whether I'm traveling or not. It makes me happier at work lol!

-Skirt | JcPenny
-Top | H&M
-Necklace | F21
-Shoes | Jessica Simpson

-Dress | H&M
-Shoes | F21
-Sweater | Unknown lol!

Advice to College Students

             (Picture Source: Z Gallerie)

"So you're sitting on the sofa watching tv and lurking social media & your college life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating over & over, well maybe I'll get an internship next year, maybe I'll change my major to General Studies....."

Well here's my advice to you! Get your life together or you'll be working at Walmart after college. (Just an example no shade.) 
Recently I've been mentoring others in college & I decided to broadcast my advice on my blog so that it's displayed to any one in college or that may be starting college next year.

1. Summer = Chill time.
WRONG. Summer is your chance to hustle and grind even harder because you aren't taking 12-18 hours of college courses. If you know what career field you will go into after college, GET AN INTERNSHIP. Don't wait for opportunities to present themselves. 4 years may seem long enough to find yourself & your passion but it isn't. College graduation will come & you'll be left with no potential career options.  If you're taking summer classes then get a part-time job. You'll understand the importance of occupying your time with meaningful work.

2. Grow Up. Cut the cord from mommy and daddy. 
I understand that at times you know need finanical support. That's okay temporarily.  At some point the only person you can depend on is yourself. 
As far as rent & paying bills....yes bills. You'll need to decide if you can afford all of the expenses that comes with moving off of campus. If you cannot.....well looks like you'll need to stay on campus or move in with a relative.

3. "But I have a job."
Okay is it relevant to your major? If not you're wasting your time in a position that isn't beneficial to your future endeavors.
Are you making enough money to cover your expenses? If not, get ANOTHER job. Yes I understand that 2 jobs may be a lot to handle with a school schedule but if your expenses are more than the money in your account then you need to either get rid of a miscellaneous expense or increase your income. 

4. Priorities.
What are your priorities? If you can't answer that....that's a problem. If clubbing and shopping is at top of the list...that's a problem. 
Write down your priorities and then figure out what is your top 3. 
That's what you should focus on.

You're welcome. =)

Corporate Curly!

I'm all about embracing my natural curls nowadays! At first I thought that my curls didn't really belong in the work place to be honest.
Like I would make it a point to straighten my hair before going into the office.
Now I've cut my bangs & shaped my hair into a more stylish cut.(hope my hairdresser doesn't see this because I cut it myself lol!!)
 I'm loving it!

So if you're feeling a bit discouraged with your curls just play around with different styles until it works for you!

Corporate Curly -- rock them curls girl! Video coming soon on my finger coils =) 

Wash&Go Routine -- Summer Edition

I don't sport my natural curls as much in the Fall/Winter but now that it is Summertime(well atleast in Louisiana). I can do wash&go's more often!

Which is great for me because it is easy to maintain and the airdry process is quick & simple.

Here's my wash&go routine!

12 Things I've Learned in 12 Months

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately lol! Mainly because I just see so much growth in my life.

Here's 12 Things I've Learned in 1 Year (12 Months):

1. Spending time alone has made me the strongest I've ever been.
2. I know my worth and I won't settle for less. (Dating wise | Career wise)
3. My circle of friends is SOLID. I wouldn't want it any other way.
4. Meg is my we really have some kind of spidey sense power going on.
5. I'm a warrior.
6. The dating scene is pretty fun but....VERY SCANDALOUS. I can tell stories for days lol!!
7. I'm a country girl but I NEED to live in the city. I love the fast pace scene & the events going on every weekend. Like just give me a Day Party & I'll be happy.
8. The less I worry about what's planned for tomorrow the more I enjoy life and live in the moment.
9. I'm usually in my comfort zone and if I'm taken out of that zone....I don't function well.
10. I LOVE nice things and I work hard to be able to afford those things on my own.
11. trust is at an all time low. For ANYONE.

Life Happened.

Over the past month my life has been consumed with work. I'm being completely honest lol!
Also, I felt like my blog posts were getting to a point where they were forced and not flowing naturally as before.

Just know that I'm working on something GREAT. Of course GREAT THINGS take time.
I will have more time to blog & vlog now being that it is the summer. I would love to be a blogger full-time but until that happens mama gotta go to work and make that paper lol!

Life.....just happened. It's that simple.


Change is inevitable.

It's close to a year that I've graduated college and began my journey into the corporate world. To look back on a year ago I realize how much I've CHANGED. 

I've grown as a person. SOOOO much. I no longer tolerate certain things in my life by eliminating the situation completely & the end result is a Happy Tiffany. Lol!

I've grown career wise. In just a year of the corporate world I feel like I'm pretty stable with my career field and the knowledge I've gained thus far. I'm super observant so if someone shows me something once I can easily catch on. 

I've grown spiritually. I no longer depend on myself to fix situations. I pray about it & allow God to fix it or to teach me a lesson if needed. 

My patience....ahahaha! It's GROWN SO MUCH. I can honestly say that I'm more of a patient person. I can say travel flr work and working with people of other cultures has helped in this area. 

Embrace the change people! If you aren't growing something is wrong. 



Because after all the years of being degraded we've finally made it to a place we can call our own. (But success comes with hate right?)

Because I have a father, brothers, nephews, cousins, friends that are destined to be great in life.

Because I will have a son that will be brought into this world that will have to learn about all of the struggles he will have to face. 

Because we are much more than what the media portrays. Much more than what the system makes us to be.

Because the system was never meant for us to be protected. So who can protect us when the system we trust so dearly can't? Well good thing my trust isn't in this world. My trust is in GOD. The only one that can protect any of us.

Try being black for a day. Being degraded  before you even open your mouth to speak. Or followed around in a store because the minute you walked through that door you were already judged...not by your pronunciation of words. Not by your Bachelor's/Master's/Doctorate  degree. Not by your salary. Not by the car you drive. But simply by the color of your skin.

But yet we're applauded for winning championships for sporting events. So you're telling me the only thing we're good for is to play sports? Well the minute we're injured or arrested for any sort of crime. Those championships & applauses cease immediately.
If we were recognized more as a people for our hard work & dedication in school & at work (lol yes that's right we have careers. We're not dependent on welfare) then maybe..just maybe our work wouldn't go unnoticed. Maybe...just maybe the only recognition we get wouldn't be BLASTED on Fox/CNN displaying us as violent & dangerous. 

This is why black lives matter to me. 

You Can't Sit With Us

As many of you know, I can be a bit of an introvert. BUT at the same time. I feel as if traveling so much makes me keep to myself even more.

I'm not the type of person to just invite myself to lunch with others. I'm definitely okay with that. BUT I basically feel like an outcast. IN SO MANY WAYS...that I can't go into many details about. I'm not the type of person to have fake conversations with a random! That's mean/rude? I know, I call it real. But if I'm not feeling your vibe I don't want you in my company. You're just wasting valuable time I could've done something productive. 

So I'm sitting here eating dinner....alone as usual lol! Yes, I've grown to love eating alone & I love myself enough to enjoy my own company.
I'm just feeling like "You can't sit with us".
But I am so unbothered. Eating dinner alone allows me to take good blog pictures without someone side eyeing me lol!!

Friendships with Purpose

What are you bringing to the table of your friendships?

I'm finally at a place in life where I am super grateful and empowered by my circle of friends. We all uplift and motivate each other to be the best we can be. I'm SO thankful for all of them.

So my question is what are you bringing to the table?
Are you the shoulder to lean on or are you the draining friend that constantly talks about yourself?

Just like relationships, friendships always take work. So make sure that your friendships serve a purpose. It should be a two-way street, you're feeling down your friend should be there but ALSO make sure that that you are there when your friend needs you.

In my circle of friends we can go from talking about Chris Brown's drama to intellectual conversations about finances or even discuss a bible scripture we've read. All which helps us be a better person.

Be a Positive Patty. Not a Debbie Downer. 

Finding Your Passion

Recently I've had a talk with my sister & a few of my friends. We all have similar thoughts when it comes to "There has to be more in life." So I thought about my passion and what I consider my "happy" place. I think I've finally found what I'm passionate about and I've turned it into a side hustle.  But let me assure you that this DID NOT happen over night. 

It took blood long nights, sweat, and tears. Once I got my priorities in order and prayed to God about my situation I began to work harder at what I'm passionate about and now I'm reaping the blessings. 

In my conversation with my sister and close friends we discussed what's stopping us from working hard towards our passion....or simply FINDING our passion. This may just be my mindset, but I believe no one is passionate about waking up every morning going to such a draining job. 
Draining your life, your family/friends, your passion. 

First and foremost if PASSION isn't your top priority it will be hard to FIND.

If you focus on on the NEGATIVES in life instead of focusing on what YOU CAN change, you won't find it.

If your significant other isn't motivating you to find or work hard towards that PASSION you won't FIND it. 

Have you found your passion? Or is something hindering you from finding your passion?

Happy Easter/ Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Easter to everyone that reads my blog! It's a new month! Be great in everything you do =)

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Life As A Consultant | Career Day

The Power of Networking

Happy Monday!

I've been kind of off & on with posting new blog topics. I've just really been enjoying life & living in the moment.

Recently I've met so many people by opportunity and just putting myself out there..which is something I don't usually do. By doing so, I've began networking with other people in multiple career fields and it has allowed me to grow as a person/career wise.

Networking is important for 3 reasons(could be more but I'll just do 3):
1. It gives people a chance to notice you/your occupation 
2. Take every opportunity as a learning opportunity
3. Allows you to connect with others in your area 

If you want to succeed at any career NETWORKING IS A MUST. That's about all I have to say.

Oh and the new Cinderella movie isn't just for children. It'll actually teach adults a lesson...
"Have Courage and Be Kind". 

Happy Friday! -- Staying True To Who You Are


Happy Friday yall!

Okay at first I didn't really have a post for today lol! But I feel like I've been forcing a few posts instead of just writing whatever comes to mind like I've been doing from the beginning.

It's Friday & I need to let this be known.

Maybe a year or two ago, I was on the hunt for a mentor & there was this person in the area that I really looked up to & she was inspiration for what I would like to do in the near future. Well I attempted to contact her & was completely ignored. I understand that people are busy but cmon now...everyone checks social media.

My point being -- Stay true to who you are. I know I've STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM..& I'm not there yet but as I'm working my way up to where I would like to be, I want to help others as well.
I'm never too busy or too involved to not respond to someone that looks to me as inspiration.

I have nieces and nephews that look up to me. I know that people are ALWAYS watching -- even people I don't know, so you make sure you come correct so that you are an actual role model behind close doors and in the public.


Spreading Positivity

Just watch =)

Being UNDERRATED In The Work Place

Okay..... this is a sensitive topic and this is my blog/my space so I don't mean to offend anyone. This is just my perspective from my experiences thus far. Also, in no way am I apologizing for the things I say, it's my truth.

Little background about me:

From a young age I've always been in Honors/Advanced classes in elementary-highschool. 
I've been a computer person since the age of 12. 
I took many college courses in high school which allowed me to earn college credits as a teenager. 
I completed college in 4 years, earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Informatics. Got hired before graduation and started my career 2 days after college graduation.

As you can see I've very knowledgable and educated. Right?

Well working in the corporate world or just work in general....has it's struggle being educated and of minority. Others view you as the media projects your culture. I understand that I look different than majority of the people in the office. It just automatically makes you underrated.

But does that stop me? No.

Being underrated has been my biggest struggle/battle of working in the corporate world. I am very passionate about my work & it has never been a competition for me. I see every opportunity to learn more, engage more, listen more. 

Being underrated has taught me that you CANNOT change a person's thoughts about you but you can definitely show them that you DO know your stuff. By working harder even you're doubted.

Being underrated has shown me that I am a stronger person because of how I react to situations. I don't, I pray about it. God has been dealing with me and it has allowed me to grow as a person and spiritually.

Being underrated has made me a well-rounded person. 

My victories and struggles have shaped me into the person I am today.

Let me just leave the stats here:

Midweek Motivation: Spreading Positivity

I find myself saying "If it's not a positive vibe, I don't want it around me" a lot nowadays.

In my family, in my friends, in my environment, in my music...everything POSITIVE. This morning I watched this interview of Taraji Henson & she said that she surrounds herself with positivity because when there's that one person that has a negative cloud around them it begins to affect you.

I'm guilty of being a "Negative Nancy" at times lol! But then I began to notice how being positive about certain situations would give me energy and strength to accomplish tasks.

Start your day off with a positive vibe, it could be a favorite bible scripture, favorite song, a little dance. Basically anything to put a smile on your face.

How-To Take A Blazer From Day-to-Night

Day TO Night outfit

Music Monday: L.D.

It's Monday! Yipp-ee! lol! Start your week off with positive vibes.

Check out L.D. -- a Chicago-based artist! "History" is my favorite song so far.

Find out more about him on Facebook: 

2 Weeks of Self Reflection

For the past 2 weeks I've been away for business travel....& let me just say the beginning of the trip started off sort of depressing. I was texting my friends like.. "Just shower me with some encouraging words because I honestly feel like I can't do this anymore & I just want to give up on my career."

Well that only lasted for 2 days. Then I allowed God to intervene. I prayed to Him just to lead my path & completely surrendered all my worries to Him. That's exactly what he did. I was stress free for the rest of the trip. Also my trip to NYC definitely just put me in a different mindset for the rest of the trip.
Just being able to travel to New York all by myself & to be able to navigate amongst the thousands of other travelers was truly a blessing for me.
I really want to begin planning a vacation for some time this year..not sure where yet but it will involve a beach. Whether my family or friends decide to come, I'm going on a vacation. Not only because I deserve it but also because I now have the confidence in myself to be able to travel alone. I want to explore God's beautiful creations. 

I've taken small steps towards traveling alone..first it was the mall close to my hotel where I discovered Restoration Hardware. Then it was exploring Jersey City & then New York.
I feel like I can take on the world! Lol!

But seriously, it's amazing how I can conquer my fears by just allowing God to order my steps & trust that he will protect me as I travel alone.

Who am I?
I'm a hopeless romantic, lover of fine wines and the simplicity of interior designs. I love traveling, my best thoughts/blog posts are made on the plane. I love alternative R&B/indie music, especially if it's live! I love exploring and discovering new places. Places that may seem so minor to others but so major to a small town girl.

How-To Tour New York City for Under $100

This weekend I decided to hit up NYC for the first time...& yes I went alone. #solotraveler 
It was really fun. Just living in the moment & exploring New York City. I took a ton of pictures & walked SEVERAL blocks. 
I researched ALOT before heading out via Google, Groupon New York, LivingSocial New York.
Overall, just go with the flow of the day. Don't buy tickets online because life happens and you'll waste money if you aren't able to attend what you've paid for.

Here's how I explored NYC for under $100:(or just on a budget)
*Please Note: This doesn't include the price of a plane ticket or hotel stay.

Touring NYC for a day:
Around trip train ride from New Jersey to New York -- $22.00
"New York Tours" Sightseeing Bus -- $34.00
Pizza & water -- $6.00
Pictures captured -- Priceless =)

On the sightseeing tour bus which is called "New York tours"(there's many different companies just find one in your price range) you can hop on & off at different landmarks which allows you to see multiple sights such as Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, SoHo, ....a BUNCH more. 

Your ticket for the bus is valid for 24 hours. So you can take a break for the day & get back to exploring New York the next day! How cool right?

I didn't actually shop or anything. Because I know I would've gotten carried away. The pictures that I was able to capture were worth way more than clothes or anything money could buy.

Have questions? Leave them below =)