The Difference between Happiness & Joy

This Holiday season has really done a job on me. Here I was thinking that one person ruined my usual festive spirit, but that was just considered happiness. At the end of it all I still remain joyful.

As I grow older, I realize what CHRISTmas is truly about and it begins to make more sense to me. Although I've been through a storm. I still have joy. I watched my nieces & nephews get SUPER excited about opening presents at midnight. And it was really the BEST thing ever. Just seeing their excitement about the little things.

Even my niece...She played a trick on me & asked what I was getting her for Christmas by texting me from her mom's phone, so to get her back I gave her a box of candy for Christmas and she was SO ELATED by the box of candy and was not concerned that she didn't get the wii game, Just Dance 2015.

Like really just enjoying the little things in life just teaches us to be humble for the bigger things that God has planned for our life. This really makes me reflect on my life & know that better days are to come. There may be a storm in my life right now but JOY comes in the morning. And God just wants me to truly be happy about the little things he's set in my life.
And I definitely am. I LOVE spending time with my family. Like its the best thing ever.

Live.Love.Pray.BeHumble. -- TTK

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