Seasonal Friendships/Relationships

This weekend seemed like it was SO long.
Seasonal friendships... People are in your life for a reason or a season. And there's nothing you can really do about that.
I once tried to force a friendship & that ended so badly. And it was truly a valuable lesson to never force a friendship. 
When your interests & values in life begin to change, there comes a fork in the road. And at this point I'll just let it happen and continue to go on the way God is leading me.
Seasonal relationships? Hmm... If it's in God's plan for it to happen, it'll happen. If not don't force it. Some people may present themselves as part of God's plan but you have to be wise & strong enough in God's word to decipher if this person is truly genuine.
As I begin my journey in life on this career path.... I want to reduce my stress level & also complaining/negative thoughts. 
I'm learning to let it all go.That simple.
I want to live a happy stress free life.

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