Blessing? Blessing in disguise?

You painted this perfect picture, of being the perfect guy, in this perfect relationship. But I guess
it was my fault for not remembering that nothing is perfect right? Was it me that rushed things? Or
thought of marriage too soon? Was it me that fell in love too quickly with that perfect guy.
My favorite time of year...December. December, the best time of the year. I've waited all year to enjoy it.
And just like that my joy was snatched away. I shouldn't allow one person to just snatch my happiness right?
Questions that remain unanswered. Questions that have no answers. Lesson learned. Life goes on right?
It does. Eventually. I just hate wasting time or investing time in precious moments that seem so perfect.
I'd rather my feelings be hurt or heart be broken with answered questions and not left in the dark about
a situation. If you wont be here for me, don't allow me to fall in love. Don't assist me falling in love.
I've shared just about everything with you. But still, that wasn't good enough.
And at the end of all of this, I just ask God to give me strength. And remain confident in myself.
Because at this point, I can only depend on myself. Not that perfect picture that you painted.

Tiffany K.

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