5 years.five months.

Where has the time gone? A couple months after graduation and I feel as if I've been working for years. Moving on to my first career in the industry has its ups and downs like any career would. But I would have to say that the best thing that has happened after graduation would be meeting my boyfriend. He's an amazing person & we both compliment each other very well. I stopped searching and God placed him right in front of me. Just that simple.

I have traveled for the past couple months to the opposite side of the U.S. 'West Coast is the best Coast'.
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It has been a great experience but also really tiring at times. I try to picture each trip as a closer step to my next chapter in life. It will definitely be a journey, I've always pictured myself in a big office surrounded by windows & my name on the door. But to be great you have to go through trials & tribulations..all hard work, nothing handed to you. And its just that simple. Work hard to get where you wanna be but make sure to remain humble & patient. It's gotten me this far.. I'm sure it help get me to my next chapter in my life.

In five years, I picture myself in that big office, in project management, working for a company that challenges me every day with new tasks.

I'm ready to just explore the world. The world is ours, so let's explore it.
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