It seems like time went by so slowly when we were just kids. College graduation ..... came in no time. I thought 4 years was a really long time but it seemed like it happened in a matter of months. I am so grateful and honored by all the nice compliments and inspiration. I love my siblings so much they have been behind me all the way and they encourage me everyday.

No words could really explain that feeling of being walking across that stage and getting your degree. Like  no words......
My graduation cap stood out from the rest. As you can see. I also feel that it is important to point out that I am the first black woman that has graduated in the FIRST class of Informatics at ULL. Like that's something to be so proud of. God has just blessed me with sooooo many great things. All I can do is just sit back & admire all of his great work.  I know that if I stay faithful and on track, everything will fall into place. And that makes me so eager to work harder and accomplish even more. YES LORD!

I can just sit and reflect on everything he's blessed me with. I know that something great is in store.

RANDOM THOUGHT of the day: You can tell that you're succeeding by the people around you and the type of people you keep in your company.

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