T W O Different W O R L D S

Have you ever dreamed of being in two different careers at the same time?
 I picture myself as a makeup artist AND also CEO of my own company or a Fortune 500 company.
Is that normal?
There's not too many people I know of that love makeup AND also loves technology 

 Do you know the necessary steps to get to where you want to be?
Being into the cosmetology is one career.... being into technology is also a career.

When you're torn between the two, you have to choose. At this point in my life, I know that I need stability and until I have stability I know that I cannot take off a year of working to go to school for cosmetology.

 I'm a very hard worker. I would like to do both careers at the same time but also I know that technology will be long term.... C O S M O will only bring me fulfillment for a short term period.

 I am destined for greatness. I know that I will succeed in whatever direction I take. Who knows.

 I could be a tech savy/Celebrity MUA.


M. I. A.

Life is really full of mysterious things and unexpected days. So many great, unexpected events are happening in my life it is so amazing and I love it. When you remain humble, so many opportunities arise in your presence. I have big dreams for this blog and I also want to start a Youtube channel. I've been watching Youtube videos since Michelle Phan. It's hard to stay consistent with this blog stuff when it feels like you're talking to yourself. At this point I really don't care because its an outlet for me and I can express however I feel about things.