What are you passionate about?

The semester is just all becoming a blur. Midterms are soon. Grad expo is soon. May is SOON. lol. My weeks are just blending all into each other. The weekend is really my only free time.

Valentine's Day.
It was.....okay. This year it was more focused on myself and also my family and friends. This day is definitely not just about finding a Valentine, dates, flowers, and all that extra stuff. Just showing L.O.V.E. to everyone who is in your life, big or small.

P A S S I O N.
I am passionate about research and discovering new topics I've never knew about. The internet is a powerful source for researching. It is very important to know the truth about topics before you blindly speak on an issue you know nothing about.
If you know me, I am very observant. I will sit in a room and just listen before I decide to speak on a topic. This is very important and everyone should just sit and actually think about their response before speaking. Only a fool would speaking without knowledge of a topic & talking just to hear themselves.

Find your passion.
-I want to make an impact on this world, so that I am remembered for all the great things I've accomplished.

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