B E S T of B O T H W O R L D S

Women in the technology industry? 

 "While 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, in computing occupations that figure is only 25 percent. Of chief information officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies, 20 percent were held by a woman in 2012."
 --Khanna, Derek. "We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 29 Oct. 2013. Web. 06 Feb. 2014.

 It isn't very common in this generation. Most people automatically place women into the healthcare industry as a nurse or education as a teacher, because of our nurturing instinct. Well, look no further. Times are changing and women are becoming more powerful than before. 

We, women, are capable of anything because of our ambition and also because of our nurturing instinct. It allows us to see a book person and we are able to understand situations from different perspectives. In the technology industry it is important to be able to understand the technical side of things but also to be able to translate those "tech" words into something that an everyday person will comprehend. 

This may seem easy or it may also seem like it is not a big deal to the average person. It is a major struggle to a woman in the technology world. This struggle is REAL lol. A woman is looked at not being capable of fulfilling the positions that are usually held by a man. A woman is looked down upon because of her way of thinking or way of doing certain tasks. A woman is not good enough for the position?

What makes a strong P O W E R F U L  woman?
  • Ambition (this is a must, everyone should have goals in life)
  • Passion
  • Intelligence 
  • Independent

More Than Just A Pretty Face

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