Presents and Family.

This holiday season has been a true emotional roller coaster. But most importantly I've gotten closer to my family and realized that my sisters are the best best friends I could ever have.
One important thing I've learned this holiday season is that presents aren't worth much as family.

F A M I L Y is worth much more. As this year comes to an end and I began traveling for work again. I will make sure to keep in touch with my family. Being that they are always there & even if we are mean to each other they will still be there if I'm in need (vice versa).  Family is the greatest gift.

I've been able to get more in tune with myself and I've realized a number of things.... 'treat others like you would like for them to treat you'. Seems so elementary & easy right?
I tend to just spit out exactly what's on my mind and I am growing to listen more than I talk. Also if someone depends on me for help or advice, I will make sure that I can also depend on them. There has to be a B A L A N C E in life/work/friendships/relationships.

The Difference between Happiness & Joy

This Holiday season has really done a job on me. Here I was thinking that one person ruined my usual festive spirit, but that was just considered happiness. At the end of it all I still remain joyful.

As I grow older, I realize what CHRISTmas is truly about and it begins to make more sense to me. Although I've been through a storm. I still have joy. I watched my nieces & nephews get SUPER excited about opening presents at midnight. And it was really the BEST thing ever. Just seeing their excitement about the little things.

Even my niece...She played a trick on me & asked what I was getting her for Christmas by texting me from her mom's phone, so to get her back I gave her a box of candy for Christmas and she was SO ELATED by the box of candy and was not concerned that she didn't get the wii game, Just Dance 2015.

Like really just enjoying the little things in life just teaches us to be humble for the bigger things that God has planned for our life. This really makes me reflect on my life & know that better days are to come. There may be a storm in my life right now but JOY comes in the morning. And God just wants me to truly be happy about the little things he's set in my life.
And I definitely am. I LOVE spending time with my family. Like its the best thing ever.

Live.Love.Pray.BeHumble. -- TTK

Girl. Woman.

I'm not the girl that depends on a man for everything. Or that stays with him just being its the only thing I know. I'm not the girl that switches boyfriends by every season for no reason. Or that stays with him for 10 years with no ring. I'm not the girl that waits to make a move for someone else's approval. I'm not the girl that struggles that making decisions on her own. Or that feels help less without a guy on her side.

I'm the woman gets on her knees to pray before making decisions. I'm the woman that listens to God when he tells me to remove certain people in my life so he can open doors for me. I'm the woman that God is preparing for that man of God so I can be his virtuous woman. I am a woman of God.

Seasonal Friendships/Relationships

This weekend seemed like it was SO long.
Seasonal friendships... People are in your life for a reason or a season. And there's nothing you can really do about that.
I once tried to force a friendship & that ended so badly. And it was truly a valuable lesson to never force a friendship. 
When your interests & values in life begin to change, there comes a fork in the road. And at this point I'll just let it happen and continue to go on the way God is leading me.
Seasonal relationships? Hmm... If it's in God's plan for it to happen, it'll happen. If not don't force it. Some people may present themselves as part of God's plan but you have to be wise & strong enough in God's word to decipher if this person is truly genuine.
As I begin my journey in life on this career path.... I want to reduce my stress level & also complaining/negative thoughts. 
I'm learning to let it all go.That simple.
I want to live a happy stress free life.

Truly letting go.

There comes a point in your life when you can do nothing else but let go. Let go of all the hurt, bondage, misery, STRESS. Because at the end of the day you can't change it. The only person you can change is yourself, for the better. Better yourself & don't worry about anyone else. You can sit and ponder what all the things you could've done. But that won't change the outcome.

Take the lessons learned & use them in another situation that may turn out better.
Just live life for yourself. Let go of everything else for yourself.

Do it for YOU. Be a better YOU.
Never stop dreaming

The chase.

Just like a dog to a ball. Once the chase is over, what's the fun?
I tell myself over & over don't give into nice compliments & gifts or whatever it may be. But when it happens are you ready?
Or do you just immediately give in like you have no morals? Lol.
Once the chase is over between a woman & a man. Then what's left? What fun is there? He's gotten what he was chasing & you're standing there looking stupid...because you ended the chase.

So never forget. Don't end the chase. Leave a little something to be unknown.

Sleepless nights.

Some days are easier than others. But most days I struggle from the temptation of contacting him.
My friends & sisters tell me it'll be okay. And of course it will be. I just find other things to keep me busy. And say a little prayer to remain strong.
If only life were a bit simpler...then night comes. And I have a bad dream or just can't sleep. And he's not there to answer the phone or text.
So what can I do? Pray to God that I'll go back to sleep. Or just lay restlessly in my bed until I randomly fall asleep. 

I just want a peace of mind....why?... But thats a question that will remain unanswered.

-Tiffany K.🌸

2014 Reflection: Never get too comfortable

In 2014, I've graduated college in 4yrs(huge accomplishment), moved to a new city, began my career, flew on a plane for the 1st time, explored California for the 1st time, fell in love, turning 23, strengthened my trust &faith in God.

And just that list makes me so proud of myself & able to accomplish anything.

At the same time, reflecting on all of my accomplishments in 2014. I've realized that I can not get comfortable in any situation. As soon as God blesses me with a new situation, he's preparing to bless me again. This life is temporary and we have to keep in mind that we're here to do God's work.

Two Types of People

California Living @ Simplicittee
There's two types of people in this world. People that wait for opportunities to arise or people that will go out and make opportunities for themselves. I would consider myself to go out and make opportunities. At this point in my life, I could sit around and mope about my situation or I can go about my life being happy by opportunities that I made happen.
There will be things that will happen in life that you honestly don't know the answers to and will never get answers to.  You just continue to push yourself and never be satisfied with a mediocre result.

I'm thankful for my family, no matter how dysfunctional they are. I appreciate them because when situations arise they will go out the way to make you happy and feel loved.

I've decided to delete my social media accounts, I attempted to delete Facebook but I couldn't because its connected to my Spotify account lol! Sucks...but ahh well. I made this decision to be more productive and not get distracted by all the social media nonsense. I also feel like its a freeing expression...many people may not realize but social media is like a handicapness(not a real word).. Social media enables us to depend on it when there's nothing to do at the moment, it fills time & space in our lives to basically be unproductive. I choose to be productive. And I wont be satisfied until I see my name on that business card...."Tiffany K., Business Owner". 

"I'm so AWESOME". -Shy Glizzy

Blessing? Blessing in disguise?

You painted this perfect picture, of being the perfect guy, in this perfect relationship. But I guess
it was my fault for not remembering that nothing is perfect right? Was it me that rushed things? Or
thought of marriage too soon? Was it me that fell in love too quickly with that perfect guy.
My favorite time of year...December. December, the best time of the year. I've waited all year to enjoy it.
And just like that my joy was snatched away. I shouldn't allow one person to just snatch my happiness right?
Questions that remain unanswered. Questions that have no answers. Lesson learned. Life goes on right?
It does. Eventually. I just hate wasting time or investing time in precious moments that seem so perfect.
I'd rather my feelings be hurt or heart be broken with answered questions and not left in the dark about
a situation. If you wont be here for me, don't allow me to fall in love. Don't assist me falling in love.
I've shared just about everything with you. But still, that wasn't good enough.
And at the end of all of this, I just ask God to give me strength. And remain confident in myself.
Because at this point, I can only depend on myself. Not that perfect picture that you painted.

Tiffany K.


Look around. Who's surrounding you? Is it a reflection of yourself? Or people that you have no similar interests.

As I get older & wiser, I examine the people I keep in my surrounding. Are they beneficial? Is it a give & take relationship? I love being around people that can teach me things I've never heard of before or discuss my goals/accomplishments with & help each other get to where we want to be.
I feel that its better to be surrounded by someone that's a reflection of myself or someone that I inspire & is a reflection of where I would like to be in the near future.
"build me up, don't tear me down."

5 years.five months.

Where has the time gone? A couple months after graduation and I feel as if I've been working for years. Moving on to my first career in the industry has its ups and downs like any career would. But I would have to say that the best thing that has happened after graduation would be meeting my boyfriend. He's an amazing person & we both compliment each other very well. I stopped searching and God placed him right in front of me. Just that simple.

I have traveled for the past couple months to the opposite side of the U.S. 'West Coast is the best Coast'.
Cali Hotel, Travel, Consultant, Consult, Career
It has been a great experience but also really tiring at times. I try to picture each trip as a closer step to my next chapter in life. It will definitely be a journey, I've always pictured myself in a big office surrounded by windows & my name on the door. But to be great you have to go through trials & tribulations..all hard work, nothing handed to you. And its just that simple. Work hard to get where you wanna be but make sure to remain humble & patient. It's gotten me this far.. I'm sure it help get me to my next chapter in my life.

In five years, I picture myself in that big office, in project management, working for a company that challenges me every day with new tasks.

I'm ready to just explore the world. The world is ours, so let's explore it.
Outfit of the day, Workday Fashion


It seems like time went by so slowly when we were just kids. College graduation ..... came in no time. I thought 4 years was a really long time but it seemed like it happened in a matter of months. I am so grateful and honored by all the nice compliments and inspiration. I love my siblings so much they have been behind me all the way and they encourage me everyday.

No words could really explain that feeling of being walking across that stage and getting your degree. Like  no words......
My graduation cap stood out from the rest. As you can see. I also feel that it is important to point out that I am the first black woman that has graduated in the FIRST class of Informatics at ULL. Like that's something to be so proud of. God has just blessed me with sooooo many great things. All I can do is just sit back & admire all of his great work.  I know that if I stay faithful and on track, everything will fall into place. And that makes me so eager to work harder and accomplish even more. YES LORD!

I can just sit and reflect on everything he's blessed me with. I know that something great is in store.

RANDOM THOUGHT of the day: You can tell that you're succeeding by the people around you and the type of people you keep in your company.

T W O Different W O R L D S

Have you ever dreamed of being in two different careers at the same time?
 I picture myself as a makeup artist AND also CEO of my own company or a Fortune 500 company.
Is that normal?
There's not too many people I know of that love makeup AND also loves technology 

 Do you know the necessary steps to get to where you want to be?
Being into the cosmetology is one career.... being into technology is also a career.

When you're torn between the two, you have to choose. At this point in my life, I know that I need stability and until I have stability I know that I cannot take off a year of working to go to school for cosmetology.

 I'm a very hard worker. I would like to do both careers at the same time but also I know that technology will be long term.... C O S M O will only bring me fulfillment for a short term period.

 I am destined for greatness. I know that I will succeed in whatever direction I take. Who knows.

 I could be a tech savy/Celebrity MUA.


M. I. A.

Life is really full of mysterious things and unexpected days. So many great, unexpected events are happening in my life it is so amazing and I love it. When you remain humble, so many opportunities arise in your presence. I have big dreams for this blog and I also want to start a Youtube channel. I've been watching Youtube videos since Michelle Phan. It's hard to stay consistent with this blog stuff when it feels like you're talking to yourself. At this point I really don't care because its an outlet for me and I can express however I feel about things.

T I M E. P L A C E.

Has something so ironic happened to you & you just can't figure out how could that possibly just happen so perfectly?

Like a free meal or free tshirt after having a really bad day.

Life has it's up and downs but at the end of the day you keep pushing because that's all you know how to do. I'm so grateful for all of life lessons and the people that are in my life.

I've learned so much in a matter of just 4 years. And it's come to the realization of so many different aspects of life. At the end of the day all I can do is say "T H A N K Y O U GOD". I'm destined for greatness and I know where I'm going and I'm just learning what it will take to get there. I've never pictured it to be unicorns and dandelions but I also didn't picture it to come full a fast ball coming at 100 mph.

Everything happens for a reason.
So what's your R E A S O N?


As the semester seems to come to an end, my motivation decreases less each day.
What keeps me motivated?
The word of God.
Without His bible scriptures and words that I can apply to my every day life, I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am today.

Life is such a crazy thing. Like situations happen for a reason either for a blessing or a lesson. As I become older and wiser... I learn from each mistake or opportunity I've faced in life. To say the least, I wouldn't change my life for anything or any situations in the past.

I can say ultimately what I've learned in 4 years of college would be that you must F O C U S on what's important and what you want to accomplish. Of course you can't accomplish those things if you don't stay motivated. M O T I V A T I O N is the key.

I would also say that at times my motivation seems to only be targeted to one section of my life more than others. It's all about balance and that's what I have to work on. B A L A N C E.


Mardi Gras!

It's been a long & stressful week. I'm so ready to have fun with my friends! 

Great things are in the near future. Just wait on it.

Midterms and all that good stuff.

I've been pretty busy lately with school and etc.
Keeping motivation is really hard, but you have to continue to push yourself no matter what.
I know that by May it will all be worth it & I will celebrate because I know that I deserve to.

- More than just a pretty face.


What are you passionate about?

The semester is just all becoming a blur. Midterms are soon. Grad expo is soon. May is SOON. lol. My weeks are just blending all into each other. The weekend is really my only free time.

Valentine's Day.
It was.....okay. This year it was more focused on myself and also my family and friends. This day is definitely not just about finding a Valentine, dates, flowers, and all that extra stuff. Just showing L.O.V.E. to everyone who is in your life, big or small.

P A S S I O N.
I am passionate about research and discovering new topics I've never knew about. The internet is a powerful source for researching. It is very important to know the truth about topics before you blindly speak on an issue you know nothing about.
If you know me, I am very observant. I will sit in a room and just listen before I decide to speak on a topic. This is very important and everyone should just sit and actually think about their response before speaking. Only a fool would speaking without knowledge of a topic & talking just to hear themselves.

Find your passion.
-I want to make an impact on this world, so that I am remembered for all the great things I've accomplished.

M O N D A Y Chronicles.

It's been a longgggg day.
Long is an understatement.

Another day, another lesson learned basically. I definitely learned some things today. It also gave me motivation to be consistent with this blog thing.

One word. 7 letters?

Respect may seem like something so simple. Well it will take you far in life. If you can't respect your peers and elders.....that says a lot about you as a person. Just remember that you may not know what someone else is going through that day, a simple gesture has a smile or hug could make someone's day.

Mondays are just never easy. My day started off so bomb. But there is always that one person that will try to crush your happiness, you can't let them take it away from you. Only you can determine your happiness.

Think of unicorns and!

I know this semester will go by so fast. I'm trying to enjoy it all. SHOUT OUT to my partner in crime lol.... I don't think I could be in this major without her. We're the only normal ones in most all classes.

"I know I can, be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it, I'll be where I wanna be."
-- 'I Can' by NAS.



Oh yes! My certification came in the mail. I'm super happy. excited. overwhelmed. all that. Shout out to God. I wouldn't be here without him.
I'll post more later. Off to my productive day.


I haven't really formally introduced myself.

T I F F A N Y:
  • Child of God.
  • Senior in college majoring in Informatics. Only 3 more months!!
  •  I am so ready to start my career in whatever God blesses with me. 
  • Group Exercise instructor...I teach Cycle (certified Spinning Instructor) and also Bosu Blast. 
  • I'm awaiting my group exercise certification that I took just last month! Hopefully it comes in by next week!!
  • Group Exercise Program Student Assistant....its a long fancy title just to say I manage/supervise other instructors lol! I love my job. It's a great feeling and opportunity to experience.
  •  I love LIFE. I love LOVE.

In preparation for my Cycle class on Monday, I am making a playlist that will please everyone. This is video is giving me inspiration. 


B E S T of B O T H W O R L D S

Women in the technology industry? 

 "While 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, in computing occupations that figure is only 25 percent. Of chief information officer jobs (CIOs) at Fortune 250 companies, 20 percent were held by a woman in 2012."
 --Khanna, Derek. "We Need More Women in Tech: The Data Prove It." The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 29 Oct. 2013. Web. 06 Feb. 2014.

 It isn't very common in this generation. Most people automatically place women into the healthcare industry as a nurse or education as a teacher, because of our nurturing instinct. Well, look no further. Times are changing and women are becoming more powerful than before. 

We, women, are capable of anything because of our ambition and also because of our nurturing instinct. It allows us to see a book person and we are able to understand situations from different perspectives. In the technology industry it is important to be able to understand the technical side of things but also to be able to translate those "tech" words into something that an everyday person will comprehend. 

This may seem easy or it may also seem like it is not a big deal to the average person. It is a major struggle to a woman in the technology world. This struggle is REAL lol. A woman is looked at not being capable of fulfilling the positions that are usually held by a man. A woman is looked down upon because of her way of thinking or way of doing certain tasks. A woman is not good enough for the position?

What makes a strong P O W E R F U L  woman?
  • Ambition (this is a must, everyone should have goals in life)
  • Passion
  • Intelligence 
  • Independent

More Than Just A Pretty Face

N E W Y E A R, N E W Y O U

 Life Quotes

Very ironic and cliche.There's no other way to describe a new chapter in life. 
I am beginning a new journey in life very soon, in 99 days to be more specific. I'm giving this blogging thing another try. 

To jump right into my purpose of blogging again is very simple. The percentage of women in the technology industry or upper management positions are very rare and not common in today's society. I've done my research & the percentage is less than 50%.

 I plan to be in that percentage of women in the technology industry or at least to be motivation to other women in industries filled with men. WE ARE THE FUTURE. So I chose to blog about my journey to the top, I know it won't be easy but it will definitely be worth it.